Search engine mad at me?

Not understand humor… I copy all 30 tags from my track and paste them into the search engine. Result: 0 items found. Delete half of the tags appear tracks of other authors, but my track is not even 50% matches on tags. What do mean by that?
And I think “why all my views from Google”, Now it is clear why I have no sales for six months) :rofl:

This is because of such situations and develops suspicions about conspiracies. :sunglasses:


please search with single key tag to get perfect search result.


Didn’t test it, but maybe it’s because you’ve used comas?

Of course is because of comas…

No need to guess. The search engine finds other tracks using this method.

This means that my track is not indexed by the search engine - it means that someone has disabled indexing on my track.

Nothing to do with the commas;

And no, it’s nothing to do with your individual track, it would be the same for any track you try it on. The search engine just doesn’t work that way.

However, when you paste ‘your’ tags into google, you get this result, which is presumably where you copied the tags from… :roll_eyes:

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I remove half of my track’s tags and other authors ’ tracks appear, but my track is still missing. It surprises me why my track and the one itself does not appear when others appear.

Well the Google search engine is not part of Envato. I am interested directly in the Envato search engine.

It turns out the authors do not understand why they do not have sales, and as a result, the search engine does not show their items even if all 30 tags match.

Oh boy, I just went down the rabbit hole and it turns out there are boatloads of electronica tracks with the exact same tags. It’s a wonder customers can find anything specific if everyone copies the same tags

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Once again explain the Coincidence of the 30 tags. The track is not shown.

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I experimented a bit more, and it seems there’s a limit to the number of tags you can search, less than 10 anyway. But you have to scroll through nearly a whole page of @AMZA tracks before you get to anyone else…:joy:

So the moral of the story is; be original with your tags, folks, or no-one will see your tracks!

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You seem to be enjoying the illusion of me being caught in something. You think I should be ashamed to take another author’s tags? lol. When plagiarism stops here, when unique author’s ideas will be accepted here, then I will think about unique tags. In the meantime, I follow Envato’s recommendations and listen to popular products. And you should not laugh, but think about it.

More interesting facts you suggest me to come up with a new (unique) tag for piano, club, electronic, blog, powerful, and rhythmic .etc.


Hallelujah! Changed the tags, the track appeared. It turns out the floor, the track was invisible and nobody reports… Excellent work…

Found 2 more tracks with the same problem. Yes, Yes tags were invented by me, I did not copy them.
Your comment about my (tag) plagiarism is incorrect.

The tags you posted even have the author name from where you copied them…


So what? does this word matter if my track is characterized with this word and this word is called the author’s account, then my track will hide?

I’m sorry, I looked into this because I wanted to try and help you and work out the search engine problem, but now I just don’t understand why you would want to have another author’s name as a tag for one of your tracks.

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I just told you that I found 2 more tracks in my portfolio where there is no name of other authors and the tags were created by me personally, I did not copy them, but these tracks also do not appear in the search engine. It’s not about the name or copying tags from other authors. I’m talking about that.

The problem lies in the other it needs to be found as there may be other authors whose tracks the search engine does not.

Ok, maybe I just misunderstood. Good luck!

In General, after changing the tags, I checked the tracks and the search engine displayed as a result 1 my track. some time passed and the track stopped displaying again, as far as I know: if the search engine is not able to give a result of 100% matches, then it does not work correctly and it is not known how it works when it is used by customers.

These are the new tags of my track you can try to experiment on your own. So, I recommend to check the tags of their tracks.

airy, best, blog, bridge, bubbles, clean, colorful, creative, deep, documentary, fantastic, fashion, fauna, future, gentle, graceful, idea, interesting, lyrics, nature, ocean, scientific, spatial, takeoff, underwater, water, wide, woman, youtube

It turns out that those tracks that are defined with 30 tags are more likely to be shown to the client than those tracks that the search engine reads half or less tags)