Saving AI to JPG file problems


I have a great problem. I create Logo Templates in Illustrator. When I create the AI File choose CMYK color mode and 300 PPI option. But when it’s time to save it as JPG file come the problems.

First - I can’t export it to JPG with 300 DPI. The message which outs is: “Unable to export at this resolution. Please lower the resolution and try again.”. Only to mention that my RAM is 8GB. I know that when convert AI to JPG with 300 DPI the file dimensions (width and height) increase.

Second - I must use CMYK color mode but when convert the file to JPG the colors are different from the AI file How can I deal with the problem?

Also - if I use “Save for Web” the saved JPG file is 96 DPI and I can’t make it 300 DPI.

Hope someone to know the answers to my questions and help me. Thank you in advance!

Don’t save it from Ai to Jpg, just open Ai file from photoshop, and you can do it at any dimension and resolution you like. I always do it this way and it works perfectly.


you are right buddy this is a solution … :wink:

hi buddy, u have to chose export in the menu and then select jpg and this way u’ll normally have no problem, otherwise if u save for the web, jpg files are very small size. I also recommend u to save as a png if u ever save for the web as most of the time the files are slightly more heavy but colors are really much more faithful too , which is thus worth the drive …

have you tried to change from CMYK to RGB?

Thank you for this extremely simply solution. I was killing myself exporting from AI, popped over to PS and boom no problem. Thank you! (Someday when I have time I’ll sit down and try to learn why, meanwhile it’s done and to the printer!)