Photoshop Question

Hi to all,
Im creating a flyer, and i place the file inside as a smart object ( if you click it twice it ll open illustrator to edit),
the problem is, if i save the document as .PDF , when i open the pdf file the logo is no longer in vetor as the rest of the document text, am i doing something wrong ? Or photoshop doesn’t do (or suport) that.

Example :

anyone pls ?

please someone can help me ?

Interesting Question @endopt : Take in mind that smart objects preserve original quality of their contents, and they display perfectly if they are at 100% maximum dimension. In this case you can resize smart object at your desired size, because you have a Vector file inside. When you export the document, you’ll have smart objects rasterized and perfect for print (so they will lose their vector nature). If you want a bigger file, you should edit document dimension in PSD and export again.

Hope this will help :grinning:

indeed, I tried to export to pdf and the smart object is rasterized. can’t you convert the logo to shape? if you do this, it will not be rasterized. at least I tried here and it worked.

Thank you for your reply, Ade_concept
But if the document (a4 document for example), is a document to see online (or somewhere else) where you can zoom in ? I want to know if it is possible to see the logo as i see the letters in the document ? Photoshop wont do that for me ? I know that will work just fine for printing.

So, turn the vector logo to a shape ?

yes, when you paste the logo in photoshop, choose the last option “paste as shape layer” see if it works

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i tried a shape works fine as hell
1600% zoom in , yeap 1600%

Yeah it works Thanks :wink:
But it doesnt render text or colours from AI :frowning:

I’ll let you know if I find out what to do :frowning:

ok , i ll do to ,
I think there is no record on the internet about that question, not even in adobe community.

hi buddy, in the first place , i really fail to understand why u need to save any item as a pdf anyway … as , when u create your logo in illustrator , just import it as a smart object (make sure that u select the right option for this , as if u import as an image u will have a bitmap rather than a resizable vector as expected …) and the save the finished psd file as a psd … and normally everything will be fine … . Let’s face it, no one is aspiring to have a pdf file in the main zip anyway as all people need to edit their data before using or printing …

Hi n2n44
If you read the posts above, i wanted to know if i can export as PDF to put it online or send a brochure/flyer for example to a client by email, i know that for printing is ok, and for seeing online too, but i wanted to know if there is anyway that i can export as PDF file to send via email, or post in the website a brochure , and if people open the brochure/flyers whatever, they can zoom in and the logo doesnot get blurry. I wanted to be sharp as the text in the rest of the document. I like to be perfectionist. [All that in photoshop only, im not talking in ai or indesign brochures n’ flyers]

hi, if u export as a jpg or png, this is unlikely to happen … if u export as a pdf u can and i don’t see where the problem is for joining a pdf to email for instance … i am afraid that i really have trouble to get to understand what u would like to do indeed …