300 DPI in Graphic Template - how?

Please help me to find out how to edit item for approvement.
I changed dpi 300 in PSD through “Image size”. But it doesn’t help.

Reviewer writes:
“You need to change the DPI to 300 while making sure the size of the document isn’t reduced from the stated size.”

How to set 300 DPI in PSD and AI files for GraphicRiver?

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Thank you for try to help me!
I did this setting, but reviewer said that I still need to set 300 dpi :frowning:
What I can do still?

Files are here:

hey bro I think I solved the problem ? :slight_smile: are you here?

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Watch the this video you will understand it

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I set DPI 300 but I didn’t check “Resample” for PSD. Possible, that was my mistake.
But what do with AI file?

My products for graphics are rejected too, but team approves graphic templates sometimes.
They recently approved a large set of 50 elements. Have you tried to upload large sets?

Yet no :frowning: I am here and trying to solve the task)

I set check in resampling too and reviewer approved item :blush::blush::blush: thank you very much!

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Of course :slight_smile:

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you must export it in photoshop 300 dpi

LOL if u say so for sure you will have even more rejections lol