Same "My item got rejected story. Feedback?

Hey! Yesterday I resubmitted my script. Check demo here:

This script was built using latest version of Symfony 4.4.x, VueJS 2.x and Bootstrap 4. I spent a lot of time building it, I tried to make it responsive on mobile devices, I wrote 20 pages of documentation for all things and I got rejected. I can’t find if it was hard or soft, but I suppose that it was hard reject because there’s no feedback from any moderator.

The only drawbacks that I can find are:

  • no installation, you need to config file by yourself, but is fully documented
  • no working demo when I submitted this script

Can someone have a look as well? I had 3 scripts on Codecanyon before and I’m aware of the standards, but this was the most professional script between all of them.

A working demo is a fairly basic requirement - the reviewer is not going to go through the process of installing and setting it up just to review

Demo should be in English

Some of the “ Beneficii” section doesn’t look right on mobile - very squashed and image/content cascading incorrectly

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Oh, wow. Thanks for the fast reply. I’ll set-up a demo for all users before re-submitting. Also, now I see that I forgot to set the default language to English.

I checked entire site from my mobile and looks fine. That image cascading on first page looks like it should. Maybe it’s a little confussing?

On the mobile point this does look odd and generally would look better spaced out more

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Roger that! I added these on a list. I’ll take care of that. Can you check the other pages too? Also, you can change language to English. I think it’s much easier for you to go through website.

Haven’t got time to look in detail but glancing at the pages:

Make the image fit to the column - thumbnail looks messy

This is really hard to navigate and again would benefit from spacing more

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All that Charlie said is true.
But I think the reason for the rejection is not only in styles and demos. I saw here a few examples where an item is soft rejected and asked for by working demo. Design is important, but not always crucial for PHP category.Maybe it depends on reviewer.
Your coding style raises questions
I do not think that the decision will change.

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Hello @Codewayfarer! What do you mean when you say “coding style”? Are you talking about indentation, right?

Yes. Without indentation, any additional setting turns into nightmare.
And this is not professional.

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Well, I’m using VueJS with Bootstrap VueJS. Using those components, I’m not aware of how the final code looks and I don’t care. But, let me assure you that I’m using the highest standard for programming and this code is pretty easy to read and understand (I’m using PHP and HTML comments as well). What you there is code compiled from my vue components :smiley:

Here’s a look to a part of my navigation, from base template:

EDIT: I decided to use Bootstrap VueJS because I need dynamic blocks here and there which calls internal APIs.

Ok, I get it. Then everything is fine with the markup!

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Here are some of my observations that may help you in the future. Sorry, but they may seem tough and unpleasant:

  1. Commercial potential. I think this is the first and most important thing that reviewer checks. If for your product there are similar free and open source - this is the reason not to go further and check code.

  2. I have not seen approvals here after hard rejection. Maybe I’m wrong, but I recommend not to waste time and work on new product. Just accept that your idea has failed.

Hey @Codewayfarer ,

Any feedback is good!

  1. I totally agree with you! I don’t want to start a debate here, but I must say what I saw and why I started this script: I have seen many alternatives, but 99% of them are (because they still exist) non-responsive, few features, hard to integrate with new games, old and slow. Yes, it’s true, this script might have less features (at this moment) compared with others, but what is implemented, it’s tested for 5 months on live environment and everything is up-to-date, all errros reported by the application were fixed. I can’t create a script with all possible features once. I need to start from somewhere and then develop new features. I need a guarantee that my work will be rewarded and at this moment I don’t want to post it open source.

  2. I’m not happy to hear that and I think that you are somehow marked. I’ll spent some time and read all posts on this forum about item rejection, then I’ll try again with all suggestions collected. If I will be rejected again, I’ll see what I’ll do.

Thank you so much for your reply! It means a lot to me to hear your point of view.

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