Sales Notifications : Telegram

Hello Guys :smile:

Wanted to share something exciting with you.

Do you want to get push notifications for each sale to your Telegram App ?

Very simple procedure.

  1. Go to and login with envato
  2. Hit “Generate Code”
  3. open Telegram app in your mobile (or desktop) and search for bot “VatoGramBot” (not VatoBot )
  4. send “/confirm code” with code which was generated at step 2
  5. refresh the page to confirm whether code accepted or not

You are all set!

Since many people having issues, let me show process with screenshots

  1. visit and hit login

  2. it redirects to envato api permissions page, hit approve

  3. You are redirected to my-account page and you can see your user name,
    now hit Generate Code button

  1. It generates a code and displays in page

  2. now open telegram and search for “VatoGramBot”

  3. select it and hit “Start”

  4. Now enter your code with /confirm in the beginnig
    i.e. /confirm XXXXXX

  5. Now go back to and you should see "You are all set, you should receive notifications"

Thats it!


Great, going to test it! :+1::smiley:


let me know if its working for you

Yes, its working perfectly! :slight_smile: I think that this is the 1st “Real Push” workaround for IOS for the moment. :slight_smile: No delay and instant notification! Great Job! :clap:

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Great Job!:+1:

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Yes, this is the best option i can think of at the moment.

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Having trouble confirming code…any tips? It’s just the slash, no space, and the number?

/confirm xxxxxx

where xxxxxx is your confirmation code.

i have some troubles too. I’ve entered code but nothing happens.

Hello Enrize,

please send

/code xxxxxx

then you will receive a push notification of your last sale to confirm everything is working properly.

PM me, if you still have trouble.

PMing you now, thanks

seems to be working now, thx!

actually, no haha…says i’m confirmed. got a sale, but no notification.

@StudioMonkey Can you please logout and re-authorize with envato again?

that should fix the problem

Ok. Will try. Can u confirm exactly what to type? Do u use either the word confirm or code before the number, or just the number? Thanks!! :monkey:

UPDATE: Just the number worked!

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I hope everything is working fine for you.

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That’s pretty cool.Good job…tho i’m curious about one thing. How you grab the sales numbers?! Are you using Envato API for that?!Or it’s a work-around.

Remember trying to download the Envato API but it got me to a 404 page :-/

Using API

thats why one need to authorize with envato.

@scottwills @matthewcoxy how can i make it into envato extras?

@jyostna Thank you !!!

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