Item Sales notification - push notification

I have an idea and a working demo where I can use the following components to send a push notification whenever there is a new sale happen on my items in Codecanyon.

I was surprised to know there is no email notification to developers when a sale of their items happens. Hence thought of an idea as described below…

  1. Signup for Envato API -
  2. Register a new app and grab the personal token
  3. Use Firebase Cloud Functions to write a node.js function to hit the sales API - to get the count and compare it against an existing sales count
  4. Use OneSignal Push Notification framework to send a notification to subscribed users when there is count change
  5. On the top of the above, a cron job scheduled to run at regular intervals to call the FB Cloud Function to which in return sends a notification based on the sales count difference. is offering free service to schedule a cron job

If anyone interested in making this idea into execution, please reply, we will work together to make the sale notifications happen.


PS: I did try some existing solutions to get a notification like Leafping and searched for now defunct nWallet etc.

Use Vatomium App

Also you can use for advanced sales statistics.

> Good news for Authors: Envato Item sales email notification option created

Get a instant Email Notification when user purchase your item on envato market.
it will work for all themeforest, codecanyon, videohive, audiojungle, graphicriver, photodune, 3docean etc…

this is un-official solution for authors to get email notifications for free

here is the example Screenshot