Sales Notification for Envato Authors [Telegram Bot]

Hi There,

I’ve just created a Telegram bot to get notified when received a new sale by myself and want to share it with you guys.

Installation instructions and download link: Github Repo


Don’t forget to give me a star on Github.

Cheers GLWS!

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Goorvy! Thanks man!

You’re welcome :wink:

Heyyy That’s Awesome, I followed all the steps only I couldn’t understand the last step ( 10. Add cronjob like this * * * * * cd /root/path/envato-sales-notify-telegrambot/ && php index.php)

a little help will be appreciated since I’m not a developer xD

CRONJOB is using to auto-run the PHP script on your server in a specific time period. When it’s running it will detect new sales to notify you via Telegram. It’s not a big deal. You only have to add this cronjob to your server with the script path. for more info please refer to this Youtube tutorial

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