Sales dropped since new support system implemented?

Does anyone faced the same problem or it just me?
I found that sales / traffic drastically dropped since 1 Sep. So weird :disappointed_relieved:

i dont knw what Envato has done and my sales have rremained dropped from 3-4 months!!

Just imagine the Envato guys and gals sitting around the break room and someone speaks up and says, “Wow, I have a great idea. Let’s do like they do at all the big retail stores when someone buys a tv or toaster. We’ll push the extra warranty for a very small price and see who bites. We’ll make oodles more revenue.” At retail stores, the smart shopper knows that the manufacturer already has a 1 year warranty. So why buy a year store warranty that is basically like giving a donation to the store. All products on the Envato marketplace should have a basic 1 yr. support with no extra bells and whistles offered. It won’t take long for them to learn that consumers on this site are not as dumb as they thought and they’ll revert back to the old way.

Sale has dropped for 4-5 months, not because of new support system

Yup thanks @leafcolor, anyone experienced the same issue since Sep 1 can share here else i just assume it just me :sweat:

I do not see any drop after support policy implemented, but see the drop from the last 4-5 months since search implemented.

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