1 Week into the Support Policy, Experiencing Drop in Sales



Originally I said I didn’t notice any change 2 days in Sept (in another thread)… now I’m thinking those early buyers might not have noticed the change in policy so they bought like they would normally. A week into the change, and things have turned in my experience.

We were in a steady incline in sales for the past 4 months. From the sales from Sept 1 to Sept 8, and estimating until the end of the month… we’re expecting a steep 25%~ drop in sales in total.

I know there are millions of factors here. But I’m betting the policy change is a major one affecting this.

Anyone experiencing this too?

I’m hoping this is a temporary thing and things get back to normal quickly.


Not necessarily a drop in sales, however more then 50 sales without a single extended support pack…Dud anyone? :slight_smile:


Same, 100 sales no 12 month support. Maybe both of our products are too easy to use haha!


Hehehehehe, yeah… possibly! Perhaps we should back some bugs into our products so we also can profit from this support scheme :slight_smile:


I have ZERO sales of extended support. So i hate this!


our CC products which necessarily needed extended support, we are not getting extended support sold.
Also i feel there are some drop in sales. Last month was good. This months its slower that previous till now.


Same here, we got i think 2 extended supports, thats about all. That is why after 6 month either suppor request will fall drastically, or we will get a massive income injection. We will see. But one thing is for shure, clients are more demanding on support.


Or, option 3, you’ll see a huge increase in 1 star ratings after six months :slight_smile:


hehe, that could be also yes :slight_smile:


Official reply on this has been posted. Such ratings will be removed.


Well my analytics “conversion rate” and “audience” are both up, all in the green. Well only 70 more visitors and 9 more sales, but it isn’t a down.

However sales fluctuate for all sorts of reasons. One week is good the next is bad.

To really compare you have to take into consideration the day of the week (e.g. weekend is always slow) and compare with previous weeks of the same time period of previous years (to gauge any yearly trends around holidays etc…).

If you see a weekly drop in sales around this time for previous years then it would make sense to experience another weekly drop in sales.

But when we’re talking in the 10-20 range of sales then it’s really such a small number that it’s hard to pin that to a trend or just put it down to normal flux