Sales this week - less then before

Hi all,
I saw this week (17-present) are less visits then before and just 1 sale.
Is the same for you guys or only for me?

Is the same also with promotions.


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I see you make a lot of posts about sales just my advice focus on your work and sales will come anyways


And what if they don’t come? Are we allowed to ask about these fluctuations?

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I also noticed a sale drop compared to last week. That’s how it goes, up and down. Too many factors to take in account to give an explanation. So we just have to work harder and get more templates approved.

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If they don’t come for your items only then I think it’s better not to waste your time asking and focus more on improving your items.

So basically what you are saying is that the market has no fluctuations and if there are times when we don’t have sales its because we don’t work hard.

Allow me to disagree with that.

Fluctuations are normal thing in any business in fact they could be a sign for healthy business, In market like Envato it’s hard to say there is something wrong with the sales because there is many factor you should keep in mind before saying that eg, holidays and this one for example could vary from country to country other example is the end of the year it’s something known for most of the authors that sales are usually low at the end of the year that’s beside your item explosion, quality which is other thing. What I am trying to say is as long as your item is making sales you shouldn’t think about it unless your item stop making sales in this case look at the top selling items and see if there something effected them if not improve your item or create other one.

Of course, you are right, and if your item stops making sales all of the sudden, then I guess it’s ok to do some research to see if this happens to other authors, check wheter it’s something to do with the whole market or just you, right?

Which is exactly what he did.

This week there were some issues with PayPal.
I saw a lot of threads on their forums and I was also told by PayPal support when I contacted them regarding to a payment.

So maybe there were problems with the payments providers…who knows…

Thank you.
Best regards

Where you saw that I made ‘lot of posts’ about this? Read again, this post is to see if someone have the same drop sales in this period. No complain or something like this.
So, check again :).

When you have sales and next day no sales and is the same for 7-8 days, you have to check this with other authors and this is what I made :).

I am sorry if you felt offended I surly don’t mean this way, Just keep up the awesome work :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

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we have same situation, this week sale down on this week.

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