1 sep, sales stopped

As we always had a steady stream of sales i do see a big drop in sales as of 1 september. We haven’t had any sales yet and we have spoken with some other authors who have the noticed the same on there accounts. Could the new support function have caused this?

More authors seen a huge drop in there activities?

Hi, we don’t think the new support policy is affecting sales, it may depend by several and unpredictable factors, like students who need to get ready for school and buy stuff for it, people on vacation (a lot of people leave in September because of cheaper prices), whatever it is, we can’t expect to have the same sales amount on each month, it just goes up and down :smile:

No noticeable amount in sales yet, but we had a noticeable amount of inquiries regarding the new support thingamajig.

Sales up no support enquiries here.