Support income and latest stats



Hi all!

Just throwing the ball in there, how’s your income doing from the support and did your support work go up or down etc.

For us we rarely get any purchases, 6 month is just to long period in my book as we stated the concerns.
Our support work load went up quite a bit. And people request more.


On my last item I have 202 sales, out of which 15 are extended support sales… :grinning:


My support hasn’t changed. I’m still rejecting out of scope support requests, which I’ve seen a reduction in. I put this down to the clearer support terms made available during purchase. Just a little bit of extra cash for the occasional 12 month purchase. Will be interesting when 6 months expires :slight_smile: I get a lot of post-6-months support for one item so it’ll be nice to monetize that a bit more


Support hasn’t changed either. The percentage of extended support sales is really low.