Extended support recap

Hi all

Just wanted to open a new thread about Extended support.

How much extended support licences are you selling?
Is support demand rising?
What do you think will happen after 6 month?

To be honest for us support went up, but alarming thing is that clients on most cases now want more.
But we still rarely get any extended support licences. I do not expect much from March onwards since if we start rejecting support for those who don’t have it i am afraid ratings war will start.

What do you think?


For us, the concept of extended support just failed, as what? about only 1% to 5% of customers purchased extended support.

Only 3!!! customers purchased extended support, compared to about 100 sales, this is really low.
Obviously there is no reason for customers to buy extended support.

Envato should just:

  • Make items more expensive
  • Switch to annual licenses instead of lifetime
  • lower fees or at least lower the rates when fees will be reduced

Not so bad after all, but prices are TOTALLY ridiculous for codecanyon items.

I suppose Envato considered shares for themeforest items, in that case, earning is acceptable. But why do i have to sell 6 months of my life for a couple of bucks?

There should be a minimum rate. (e.g. 8$)

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