Sales Drop recently

Hi everyone,
Have you ever met this problem like me? Suddenly, I had no sales in the last 12 days that never happened before. If anyone has any experience on this issue, could you please share me your solution?
Thank you very much

Yes! the sales were dropped during last week but don’t know why :frowning:

Let’s see, what would be happened in current week.

You mean, 12 days without a single sale? Nothing?
How could that be possible for the WordPress Category?

Yes, 12 days without any sale :(. The sale was stopped from 20/4. I’m worrying and don’t know what to do now :disappointed_relieved:

Piracy and/or holiday maybe?

These trends happen. Impossible to really predict why with the limited stats we have. Just keep working and uploading. Concentrate on your own promotions.

Yes sales down for me also(VH). Before it was 15-25 sales per day , now less than 10 sales per day. Hope it will up again.

Same here. was 10-15 sales per day but now is 3-6. It make me worry

yes my sale also effected per month sale 20 to 25 but now 4 to 6. i dont konw what can i do please help my.