Really slow sales this week

I know this has been opened tons of times but just want to get some feedback.
This week we are experiencing a massive 50%+ drop.

what could be the case? Last weeks was relatively ok, but this week it’s just apocalyptic.

Thanks for your feedback guys and gals :slight_smile:

It’s opposite for me. Last week was terrible for me. :smiley:

Yes this is true, sales drop can be caused by Black Friday/Cyber Monday effect, or even because of this relaxed month(Christmas).

You can check more details regarding Sales Drop on this post: What happened to sales?! ( Sales Drop? )

Last week was ok, but this week massive drop here too :frowning:
I agree with @ThemeSLR on BF/CM/Xmas effect and maybe the luck factor.

I’ve had a 50% drop off in sales and double the bounce rate since Nov. Not good :confused:

Yea sales still aint picking up. I hope its just this week.