5 days without sale!

I am 12-13 years here and this is the first time that I have no sales in 5 days! Also, I have new item published 6 days ago. Something is totally wrong here!



It will start sale good again, Don’t Worry.


hi it’s been like this in other categories, too , it’s “normal”

Definitely the worst month since in thirteen years, visits also dropped.

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Yeah, we don’t have sales too :frowning_face: on this week.

Last week I made what I used to make in half a day… :smiling_face_with_tear:

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yeah market is down :upside_down_face:

Same happening to me as well. The previous month was too low in the sales and current is also not going well. Maybe there is some issue with the market itself.

Same here. Extremely drop for sales and visits. My new item (20 days old) only got 40 visits/day. Normally, at least 100 visits in normal day. Unbelievable!

I said it five years ago when Elements arrived that it will destroy the marketplace and it is happening…

I guess this is the future, no quality just quantity…

Freelance development and what we love to do will disappear in a few years.

Still no sales (drop -90%)

I think Envato cuts down on marketing costs - they’ve been doing that for a long time. And this month they decided to do it more aggressively. All advertising goes to elements :pensive:

There is some truth in what you say. Envato has stopped advertising its marketplaces fully except Elements. Now I do not understand why we have to pay such huge commissions from sales, if we have them, of course )))

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Too many free files all over the place… why should you pay anymore?

Why are you still on the sinking ship? You should have found an alternative 1-2 years ago

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Total forest is in silence :zipper_mouth_face:

Sales are still dropping.


The pageviews have remained consistent, but there has been a significant decline in sales this week, with a drop of 80-90%. This is the most substantial decrease we have experienced in the past decade.

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True… not sure what is going on, if you don’t have a popular product that Envato pushes boat is sinking.

Only 2 sales in 6 days. Unbelievable

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