Royalty free music and sound effects from $0

Look at the Main page.

Well, that sounds pretty cheap to me…
What would be the income after tax as Non Exclusive author ? :slight_smile:

I’d buy that for a dollar…no wait $0.

$0 - 20% = $0 buyer fee
$0 - 0-30% = $0 withholding tax
$0 - 55% = $0 non exclusive author fee
net income: $0 - $0 - $0 = $0

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At least it seems impossible to devaluate audio and music further. That is, of course, unless Envato introduces a reverse marketplace, where authors are supposed to pay the customers for licensing their stuff. With a 50% author fee as well, kinda goes without saying.

Well, joking aside (hopefully), even though it’s probably just supposed to be a catchy headline to attract buyers, it’s really sad to see a marketplace devaluing their product line like this - not only by racing to the bottom, but simply just by falling straight through. It’s a screaming desperate statement.

If I were a buyer I would not be shopping here. Obviously music on AudioJungle must be the worst crap ever since they’re trying to shove it down our throats for free. That’s the real message.

Come on folks it could just be an error or a problem displaying 50 cents. IMHO - just my $0. :slight_smile:

I think it’s a marketing ploy , or just a glitch , anyway Envato team knows that doing) ) )