How much do I earn from a $19 sale on AudioJungle?

Hi, I want to know the earning rule about Audiojungle. If I sell $19 of one copy, How much Can I get?
Can anyone send some links to me?
How about rules of being an author of audio jungle ?

Thanks !

If you are an exclusive author, you will get 50%
If you are a non exclusive author, you will get 30%
and -8% if your track was bought by person from USA

Isn’t it the same on themeforest??

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Taxes will depend on your country and on whether you’ve correctly submitted your tax form. It can vary from 0% to 30% of item price. And yes, rules apply to all marketplaces.

36% for non-exclusive in non-ADP marketplaces.

But yeah… you’ll get between $2.28 and $13.30 depending on several factors.

Hey @YouForest

In addition to the below information from authors here, I would like to recommend you to get familiar with these articles:

It is all about authors fee and selling on Envato.


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use this tool to calculate your earnings


So much useful infirmation here!

My last sale item, I only earn 4.94 from item with price 19 :confused:

This seems too low, especially since you’re exclusive. What’s your author fee rate? and how much US tax?

Hello eveyone iam a new member here i got my first sale and i earn 50% of the total price !!
the item price is 19$ and i get 9.5$ is it calculated right ?? iam exclusive author on audio jungle !

would love to hear from you guys !!! thanks

AudioJungle = 20% Buyer Fee
Your Exclusive AuthorFee rate = 37.5% of Item Price
Item Price = List Price - Buyer Fee

$19.00 - 20% = $15.20
$15.20 * 0.375 = $5,70
$15.20 - $5,70 = $9.50

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thanks for the replay i really appreciate it . so its mean that i will get half of the item price every time i get new sales ? or will be different ??

if you sell more and get over a borderline, you will have to pay a lesser author fee

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thanks for the help :slight_smile: