Envato fee confusion

I just made my first sale, it was just a sound effect so only $1 (turned out as $0.95 though) but I was a bit confused by the envato fee. I’m an exclusive author and I’m to understand that the fee is 37.5% but the fee was $0.30 and then $0.15 for VAT which for some reason all goes to Envato?

Leaving me with $0.50 instead of $0.65…not sure why that isn’t detailed in the Author fee schedule…?

The best thing to do is to get in touch with support at Envato Help & Support Center for a clear answer on this! :slight_smile:

If you’ve got 0.50 from 1$ sale then all is correct. Don’t flood your brain with math and keep working :wink:

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Haha is that what you tell your servants.


As an exclusive author you get a 50% commission in the beginning. This increases as you reach higher author levels. Check out the help pages for details.

You don’t seem to be that familiar, check this page:

Let me be the third person to tell you that 50% is what you get :slight_smile:
In addition to author fee, a buyers fee is deducted.


Ok it seems this page is more accurate.


So it seems Audiojungle have the highest fee in the industry. Also not quite sure what a “buyer’s fee” is though. Its ALL really an author’s fee since the 50% all goes to Envato and the author only receives 50% of the list price. The buyer is not charged this “buyer’s fee” since they are charged the entire list price.

A 50/50 split is standard in most RF markets I know. What, as far as I know, is unique to AJ is that you get a bigger cut the more you sell. Eventually you can end up getting a 70% cut.

The list price comprise the item price and the buyer’s fee. For instance, a $19 (list price) track is made up of the item price ($15.20) and the buyer’s fee ($3,80). You then have to pay your author fee on the item price.

The 50/50 model is indeed standard in the RF market as @Hyperprod said. However this goes with a commission based business model.

But it’s a different story for a direct seller/platform model, which is the model Envato switched to in 2015. For this model, a 50% fee is completely through the roof, compared to the standard 30% of Apple Store for example. This is why they created this buyer’s fee concept, so that the author fee could drop to 37% and be much closer to those industry standard 30%.

No it isn’t. Its standard for NON-EXCLUSIVE but certainly not for exclusive. Most of the big music libraries are non-exclusive.

The buyer’s actual fee in that case is obviously $19 since that’s what the buyer pays. All fees are actually deducted from the author and given to Envato. Its just a clever way of trying to make your author fee look less. They could also add in an administration fee of 5% and say its 30% author fee, 15% buyer fee and then a small 5% admin fee. But really its just 50% taken from the Author at sale and given to Envato.

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Yes, you are of course correct. But potentially you’ll get 70% with your exclusive deal with AJ, and that is better than other exclusive RF libraries I know. It will take some time though, especially selling sfx. :slight_smile:

Yes…if you earn $75,000 for them by which point they’ve already taken too big a cut and made a fortune off of you. Don’t forget that this is even WITH being exclusive. That’s also really a big factor.

Yes, I agree. But if AJ generates as much or more money than the non-exclusives combined then the percentages doesn’t matter in my opinion.

You mean if YOU manage to be successful on AJ, get noticed above the countless authors and generate more money than on another music library. AJ is just a platform, don’t make the mistake of comparing them to some kind of personal Hollywood agent. Its not really much different to having a page on facebook or an app on the Apple app store.

I guess I was correct regarding author earnings after all. Author fee is just a part of what is cut off from the list price before you get your earning from a sale.

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Yeah exactly. “Author’s fee”, “buyer’s fee”, “don’t know why fee” and “quite possibly unnecessary fee” all added together and taken off the author’s earnings. Basically they are just all Author’s fee which is 50%.