US RWT and Author fee question.

I am exclusive author here on audiojungle and today I sold one item with Broadcast Licence for 244 dollars.
US RWT is 73.20 dollars
Author fee is 88.45 dollars
Why is Author fee more than half of my earnings?

( ( Item Price - Buyer fee ) - TAX ) - Author fee = Your Earning
Check your Author fee here:

I am aware of that and that is exactly the problem. I am exclusive and according to my all time earnings, Author fee should be around 38% but not 50+% as it is for this item.

I can guess you have sold Broadcast Licence 16 Million. right? then your earning is right and taken around 38% author fee.

The author fee is 38% of the item price (closer to 36% of 244 which is 88.45).
Unfortunately it adds up.

If you think it’s unfair and abusive, which it is, you should price your tracks accordingly. The top broadcast license applies to major national or international campaigns. Those usually are very well funded.

It was Music Broadcast and Film Licence.
I tought thay would take the procentage AFTER US RWT since those are my earnings and not the price before the tax :neutral_face:

Unfortunately no, that’s not how this system works. They decided they shouldn’t be affected by the US tax they made you have to pay.

Oh man…that really sucks… I feel Im getting ripped off… I guess it comes down to whether you are willing to put up with it or not…

Thank you for your replies :v::yellow_heart:

That’s literally what they said when they “moved” to the US: “We understand that it no longer makes sense for some of you to keep on selling on the Envato Marketplaces” (it’s not an accurate quote, but that’s basically what Collis said).

As I said, you should think about your higher license pricing. Getting less than $100 for a national or international campaign, when those are budgeted in the millions, is a disgrace, utterly unfair and an insult to all music authors.

Also, you should try and find out where your music ends up airing, there could be PRO money for you to collect.

Yes, I think Im gonna rethink my pricings…
Do you know of any ways to find out where your music ends up? I wouldnt know where to start…

You can investigate your buyer from your statement. Google the company name, find their website/social media accounts.

Use TuneSat to monitor broadcasts.

There is a thread about it, check it out.

Good thinking… thank you again for your help. 🙋

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