Rock track rejection. Please give me some ideas/ feedback.

Dear friends,
I know the review time is shorter, more files accepted, and of course more files rejected.
I love this track. but it also have a hard rejection. Please give me some advice and feedback for better track.
Thank you.

sounds great, really punchy, but for me the synth sound overpowers the rest of the track when it comes in, maybe ending is a bit abrupt too?


Definitely agree with this, when that synth comes in it is very overpowering- sounds great otherwise!

Yes, i was thinking the same, i´m with the earphones and gave me a punch, and, maybe, bass too embarrasing¿?

I have a version without synth too. It’s here. @AlisterBunclark @Manriquedelara @JonnyMakesJazz
Thank you for your words.

Maybe i have to re-mixing, rearrange this track.

Ufff, I´m on the streets still, i can´t hear it well , but it just an idea, less distortion or reverb in the guitars; 0:26¿?
I like the part without those guitars, sounds more clear and the sounds are easily to recognize.
Sorry for my english, i hope you could understand what i try to say.

I agree with the others that the ending is too abrupt. However, I really like the synth part. It’s just too overpowering in the original version. To my ears, there is a problem with excessive high frequency caused by the cymbals and the synth. If you tame those down I think it starts to sound better. I really like the power and punch of this. It’s worth trying to improve in my opinion. Good luck!

Thank you @MidnightSnap @Manriquedelara

I have deleted the review file on Soundcloud. Thank you very much everyone.