Need some feedback ((( Hard reject /// why?


Hello! This track`s was rejected. Dubstep and Ambient category. Help me to understand.


Thank you !!!


No idea. This is nice for me.
Good luck next time.


I think the first track is the best. Some notes may pop out to much and a quiet arpeggio in the middle may fit? Don’t know really… Good luck with tweaking!


It is very offensive for me. I don’t understand what occurs.((( I work much, but every time it is rejected…Sometimes I think that to me take a jaundiced view, but I don’t understand why. Whether there is an opportunity to receive comments from Envato that with my works not so…I already lose hope (((


Problem mastering.


What problem?


What problem?


I think you need more complex sound and tracks. Good luck with your music


Epic dubstep is very complex… Isn’t it?
Can you help me?


The first track is a bit simple, and some notes stick out a bit too much. Also, the reverb on the main synth part sounds a bit harsh, it needs work. The arrangement needs work as well, it’s a bit boring.

Epic Dubstep is ok, but it sounds more like an orchestral track than dubstep. Also, I believe the intro is way too long for commercial purposes, it should just have a short intro right into the drop. No one’s gonna listen to a minute long intro let alone buy the track.

This is my opinion. Take it as you may!


I agree with what Matty says. First track seems like too much popping out notes, although the effect can be nice. Second one: I believe more in building on the beginning and not making it a dubstep.