New Rejected Track Feedback

Hi All,

A few weeks back I shared a rock tune that was hard rejected, trying to understand why. The community was very helpful in suggesting improvements. The consensus was that the tune had too much high end, and was generally over compressed. So I worked up a new tune using less compression, less limiting, and a more balanced master. But this track too was rejected… I was hoping the community might once again be able to help me understand why this new was rejected. Here’s the tune:

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks again!

Well, your track is not available. Just this “This track was not found. Maybe it has been removed”. Maybe reupload it to Soundcloud.

Oops, sorry. Here is the working link:

Thanks for pointing that out, Red Sound. I’ll change in the original post as well.

Okay, so the first thing I’ve noticed that your track is too monotonous (It almost feels like you’ve copy pasted one part 3 times)
And also Drums a too much compressed and Cymbals are a too loud.
You should really pay attention on developing the melody and arrangement next time and you will definitely succeed.

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Thanks Red Sound, that’s helpful. I’ll focus on those points next time.

I agree with @RedSound-Studio, his comments are very helpful.

The guitar and organ sounds are also very muffled and washed out. The actual drum mix isn’t too bad, however the programming of the drum midi is inferior, it lacks variety and naturalness, it’s so robotic and un-human. Also the track is far too short!

In overall, your drum is a little bit loud. The guitar should more presence and louder.
And the mix should more balance. That’s my view. Hope it help.