Rejected track - hoping for frank feedback

Hi, I’ve uploaded a couple of new tracks and both have been rejected. I thought this one would get through, but maybe I’m just way off the mark and should do something else. Before I decide what to do next I would really appreciate some honest feedback. Here’s my track, and thanks in advance:

Hi, first of all, it’s a nice track :slight_smile: But the mixing/mastering is the problem here. The stereo field is too bright, the middle sounds empty. The bass and the basedrum doesn’t sound “tight” because of that. There is no unity between the different elements…

Thanks for the advice. I appreciate it. I’ll look into those points and see if I can improve it.

A good idea!

The drum sound have to much reverb. And the overall sound have to much 80’s elements.

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Thanks for the feedback. Just wondering: when you say 80s elements do you mean the instrument selection?

I think it’s a great piece, no rly, sounds awesome. But i’m gonna agree with others. This has to be a problem with mixing, cause other things (melody, etc.) sounds just right. I’d say i don’t like how low freqs of piano (there is piano right?) is fighting with other instruments or whatever is happening in mid/low bass. And just check everything in this register, sounds strange in headphones.
Here is my pasta that can help lol.
Check it out “youtu(dot)be/1XNPJqQ_4NM”. You can do that with other EQs. Try to do that with some tracks that similar to yours.

Well, i don’t think there is a huge problem, you just need to do right and subtile changes. Lucks! :wink:

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Thank you FireLast for your very kind words and helpful advice. I’ll listen for the things you’ve pointed out.

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