Rejected Track Feedback

Hi Everyone,

Today I had a track rejected for missing the mark on recording/mixing/mastering. I’m trying to understand why this was rejected so I can improve. To my ears the mix is pretty clean and balanced. Any feedback at all would be helpful!

Here’s the track on SoundCloud:



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Hi @EchoMetric What immediately strikes the ear is the fact that a lot of high frequencies ) the second time I did not dare to listen to very loud high notes , but the song is cool :wink: !))

Sounds great to me - I just had the impression that you were pushing the limiter a bit too hard. The double kick drum seems to be pushing everything else away for a brief moment.

Thanks WildLion and Hyperdemented. I did use a lot of maximizer. I was trying to get that big “wall of sound” mix that seems very popular. This track unfortunately was hard rejected, but on future mixes I’ll try a subtler mastering approach.

Thanks again!

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Hi @EchoMetric
I think the mix and the master is the problem. Try to use maximizer moderately, I think it is better to use more of them instead one with big threshold.


Good idea RainyAudio. I’ve never tried using multiple maximizers rather than one on the master-- I’ll give it a try.


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This is nearly sounding right! All it needs is for the kick drum to be fixed, it’s terrible, something very weird going on with the compression/limiting on the kick drum. I think everything else about the track is purely a matter of taste. If it were me I’d do something more with those vocals, and have a lot less reverb on everything, especially the vocals have too much reverb. BUT those things I mentioned are not reasons for rejection, the kick drum is the problem here.

Thanks BlueSkyAudio-- I hadn’t considered that the kick might be the issue. I listened to some of your tracks-- your drum mixes sound great. Any tips for processing the kick drum? Less compression maybe? I tend to use a lot of compression on the drum bus.

Thanks again.

i am not mastering engineer or something, but main part of the track is heavily compressed, it has too much pumping. Feels like you’ve sidechained kick and other parts and overcooked it

Hi @EchoMetric , I agree with the guys , think that this track is overcooked with compressors and limiters … Try to use your dynamics plugins more subtle ! …Awesome vocals btw !!!

Thanks FankiMankiz and Phreaspirit. Too much processing was definitely the problem. I learned a lot from posting this and working on the mix, so thanks to everyone for your help!

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