Reviewers hate him! See this one weird trick that always gets your themes rejected



Just kidding with the title :stuck_out_tongue: .

So I had my submission for the PSD templates category got rejected yesterday but the reviewers refused to share any criticism and I can’t seem to figure out why my theme is so horrible.

I would be very grateful if some of you TF gurus can chime in and point out things that suck about my theme or any improvements I can make. :kissing_heart:


Bump! :sweat:


The first thing I noticed on the first link is I don’t like the font choice on the title text, it doesn’t look good to me. Funny title btw. :stuck_out_tongue:


That title is hilarious! :smile:

I’m not sure I can offer you any real advice about the rejection though. I’ll leave it to the designers around here. More of a music guy :blush:


It’s a good start. You should check your typography, i think there are to much heading font size, I’m lost in them


cool optical illussion trick mate :joy: :joy: if you look hard enough, the background comes back :+1:

Got no improvement tips for you and it’s just too bad your reviewer didn’t enjoy the brain teaser :mask:


Thanks all… anyone else? :wink:

@Typps Not sure what you’re talking about lol.


Ha ha, I don’t understand anything theme related but you should begin your own business as a title texter! :slight_smile:

Good luck!