Reviewers admission criteria

Hello fellow authors,

our last track has been hard rejected.
We can deal with it. We don’t blame at all, but we would like to ask for your objective opinion in order to ascertain the rejection causes.

We provided 3 length versions (2min, 1min & 30s).
You can listen to them here:

Thank you very much for your attention guys.
Let me know please.


I hear some dissonance in the intro of the first 2 versions, I think that could be a reason for a hard reject.

Really ?
that’s may be a complex harmony, but not a wrong creation.
The track has been composed+played by a piano teacher, member of our production team. He has years of experience in composing, arranging and performing piano/keyboards/orchestral stuff. He is also an active band member of a progressive rock band with albums that have been viewed +1,4 millions on youtube.
Thank you very much for your feedback my friend.
We kindly ask for more opinions.

I understand, but when composing for AJ, you need to consider that most (if not all) of the potential clients don’t have a trained ear to distinguish dissonant and complex harmonies. That’s why reviewers are always very strict regarding dissonant(ish) and complex harmonies.Also part of the reason is that it would be a distraction from the video, so it would be not wise to use complex harmony as a background for a video with a voiceover.

Thanks again my friend.
We really intended to do not exactly copy all the over-saturated kind of stuff that are actually available on AJ, and we guess reviewers don’t want either. At least we intended to be slightly different and we really thing that overall we all have to raise the bar in this aspect here. This rejection bother us, as we don’t really understand what’s the way to go from now,

Hi Sonnos, from a technical standpoint I would say the main reason for rejection is the master compression. The overall master seems overly compressed and there is an undesirable pumping effect in the loud parts.

Personally, I would also advise working on the drums and piano parts to sound more real and natural, by humanising the MIDI and using a natural room reverb, but that’s not necessarily a reason for rejection.

I hope that helps!

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Hi Alister,

thank you very much for your opinion.

The master processing is trying to be competitive according to most of the actual releases in the AJ market. Just checked all new releases, and there’s a bunch of new/approved items that have hotter RMS levels than our track. That’s why, with respect, we cannot assume a fair admission criteria among all authors, or at least, not an objective and unified admission criteria from all the reviewers. According to our mastering engineer, the track doesn’t have an undesirable pumping effect on master bus compression, but following your comments we will take a look at that also.

We checked your portfolio, congratulations on your work dude, sounds really great. However, tracks like “Country Pop Rock”, “Happy Advertising” or “Acoustic Summer Beat” seems at least such compressed, if not hotter, than our track we posted here.

Regarding the drums and piano, they are humanized, as they are played by real musicians and not programmed, nor hard quantized. Obviously, for budget reasons, they are actually not analog recordings, as the sound come from some of the best sample libraries in the market, but frankly, it doesn’t seems to be less realistic than (again) most of the items in the AJ market.

Thank you very much for your feedback, we really appreciate it.
Keep up the good work man !

Oh, I forgot… given that recently we got approved a really “hot” mastered track…

We assume there’s not a question of being hotter or not, depending of course if your track goes to the ears of an specific reviewer… but we are just guessing here.

Hi again, it’s not a matter of ‘hotness’, which is definitely necessary to stand out on Audiojungle. In the section from 1:14 to 1:28 it sounds like your instruments are pushing each other out of the way. It just sounds like an odd side effect of too much compression. ‘Summer Melodic Rock’ sounds absolutely fine in this regard.

Also, on listening again I noticed it sounds like the piano sustain pedal is held too long at 1:14 and there is bad dissonance in the low notes.

Thank you again my friend for your opinion,
do you really think this could be a solid reason for hard rejection ?

It’s hard to say as nobody really knows the exact criteria the reviewers use to give a hard rejection. For example, if it was something as simple as readjusting the gain on the master compression, you would think that a soft rejection and a request to resubmit it with a fix would be possible, but for some reason they decided to hard reject this track. Maybe that suggests there are multiple reasons for the rejection. That’s why it’s good to get replies from lots of people on the forum, as everyone will hear something different. I encourage others to take a listen and give their opinion!

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We’re still an inexperienced author on AJ but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to give an opinion.

I like the composition, but the 2min version could perhaps get to the point sooner and do without the intro bit between 0:00 - 0:17. Also, I think the two shorter versions would be better off by ending at the chord at 0:56 and 0:30 respectively, or resolving that.

As for why this got rejected, I don’t know. Could be any number of things that have been mentioned here. Maybe the reviewer decided this track was too much of a song and wasn’t sufficiently “background”.

Thanks Midnight, any opinion are welcome and we really appreciate yours too.

This is really pumping (too much and not correctly use compression) as you wrote. It’s obvious.