Hard Rejected for the first time


What’s wrong with this one?

Can’t believe it was rejected. It is so much better than my older uploads.
And objectively better than lots of stuff I hear on Audiojungle. So what the hell, guys?
Thank you.


Soundwise it’s ok.
I think it’s the harmony/melody clashing. I get that you went for dark/horror/cinematic piece, but some parts just sound wrong to me.
At 0:10 and 0:38 there’s some disonant interval in the strings. At 0:14 that chords sound weird to me.
Don’t get me wrong, it can work as it is. I just think it’s to “progressive” for audiojungle :smile:


Thank you for answer! I think you’re right.
But in the email stated that:

This submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production
(recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial
composition/arrangement standard either, unfortunately.

That means, this track isn’t ok at all for them. Soundwise too.
Actually it was written as a soundtrack for videogame: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=281026089
But after I sent the final track’s mp3 112 kbps as a preview to a guy he interrupted our conversation. May be he used it in the game already, I don’t know. But after some improvement I decided to upload it to Audiojungle.
May be I just need to create more EDM’ish things like I did before.
Thanks again.


Hi, as someone who has gotten many rejections, I consider myself quite the expert :wink:

@WaveNebula has it right, you have unusual clashes between the harmonic changes and the melodic riff played by the spiccato strings. In my opinion this is likely the reaons it was rejected since the sound quality, samples, and mastering all sound quite good. Although I’m sure older tracks are not as good as this, the quality control is always tightening, as it should be, and I’ve also had rejections for tracks that are of this quality (in my opinion).

I wouldn’t read into the “submission does not meet…” message too much. This is a stock response the reviewers give and it is just a clue to why they reject.

In any case - don’t let it get you down. Upload it somewhere else and move on to your next track. Good luck!


I concur, if this is truly your first rejection, they send that boiler plate rejection message to everyone, it means nothing. As far as the track, I think soft dissonance is fine, but sustained dissonance in the harmony is a hard sell, unless we are talking about a horror track. I’m not a reviewer, but having submitted a fair amount of tracks, I think Audio Jungle review is weighted like this:

Commercial viability.

But they only give feedback like this:

Mixing Mastering

And authors obviously only feel that their mixing/mastering is bad and never their composition. :slight_smile:

But by composition, I think they really mean this:

Commercial viability.

A bit confusing, I know.


I think your right.
Slightly dissonance in the chords.
I saw a video once of some outstanding stock producers. They said: don’t keep hanging in your item. Go on to the next. It’s just notes and you can create something new. Free translation of my part😅


Sorry to say the mix mastering might be the case. It sounds unbalanced to me. The drums stick out more, and all other sounds are lost, Its noticable in the spectrograph too. And I agree that some harmonies sound a bit weird on passages.
Other than that, make it a bit more pro sounding, more hollywood, try, its a shame to go at waste


Thanks everyone, guys. That really helps.
Soundtracks are not my main busyness. I am just a beginner in this category. Also this is quite an old track. I made it a year ago and wanted to use it somehow. It is on Bandcamp now :wink:
Check my indabamusic profile: https://www.indabamusic.com/people/138091610?tab=submissions
And here’s some recent remixes:

Over six years I produced EDM only, mostly D&B. I guess it’s what I’m good at for now.
I like using orchestral stuff alot though.
Is it self-promotion? Tell me and I will delete.