Hello, the product I uploaded has been reviewed but I can’t see the result. Nothing came to my mailbox.

Hello @Fuity

Do you have the Item Review Notification enabled? You can check this in Settings → Email Settings. If this option is not enabled, then you will not receive emails with the result.

If the Item Review Notification was enabled, please check your Spam folder as well.

If you do can not see your item in the Hidden Items tab or in your portfolio, then this means your item got Hard Rejected.

Please make sure you enable the option mentioned above to receive emails for future submissions!:blush:

@MrsEnabled Although notifications are open, i no e-mail has been received.

Thank you for reply.

Strange :thinking: did you check your Spam folder as well? Or is there any chance you might have checked or inserted another e-mail address?

@MrsEnabled Yes I checked but nothing.

You can contact Envato Authors Help and Support (link). I’m sure the Support Team will be able to assist.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

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