Review question

I submitted one preset pack under add-on.
Seems like my item got rejected.
But they never replied to me that my item got rejected.

So shall I assume that my submitted item got rejected?

If it is not listed in your profile anywhere then it has been rejected. Check your email spam and email notification settings in your envato profile to make sure that you get these for item reviews


I am 100% sure that envato do not reply me at all whenever my item got rejected.
The problem is I need feedback on individual rejected item so that I won’t repeat the same mistake again.
I have checked spam. Not a single reply from envato. If this is how envato behave then I won’t ever think of submitting my work.
first - I submitted an image of the accepted item because they published image preview pixelated. As my item is lightroom presets hence my image preview should be of higher resolution.
They rejected that this as well. I mean why? I have just uploaded another higher resolution image preview and they rejected it. WHY??? Under image preview all the images were ame, no major changes. And yet they rejected it. I don’t understand.

second- they rejected egypt lightroom preset item. I know they rejected it and I accept this decision but the issue is they need to give me feedback else I won’t consider uploading another item.
Who knows if they are rejecting cos I’d shown my company logo in the image preview. I mean reason could be anything. Not necessary that everytime they would give reason that my item is not upto mark.