Review my item

Can I Get Your review for my item?
To know if it will take soft or hard rejected
thanks a lot

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As it is - hard rejected.

  • There are issues with basics like typography and alignment

  • It needs more unique features, variations etc.

  • Using repeated content for multiple elements feels lazy and unfinished

  • I wouldn’t include links in the footer to other pages like events, news etc if you don’t intend to actually create those pages


Sir, That means if we give links on the footer we have to create those pages too ?

You don’t “have to” but why would you have pages on your navigation which dont exist?

It appears strange, potentially misleading and like part of the site may be missing.

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as it is - hard or soft rejected?

Typography need to be improved, and design details are too old

thanks for your replying can I get more details about what you said "design details too old "?
do you mean Solid, vivid colours and The simplicity of the imagery?