Need Comment of My HTML Rejected Item


Hi kindly friends,

I am new in Envato. I had submit two HTML template items here, and all are (hard) rejected. From my 1st hard rejection item, I tried to learn to improve more quality in 2nd submitted item. Also, I read many rejected story here, and I learn there.

So, could you please comment my work.

Now, I try to leave theme and make a new HTML template with another style. But, is any way to improve my latest (hard rejected) item and resbumit again ?

Thanks for your attention.


It’s not that bad.

Typography throughout needs attention

Footer need re-thinking especially the blue and red, inconsistent type, pixelated icons

Generally it feels quite similar to a few others already for sale here but in a more basic state

Main slider titles obscured by arrows


But, is any way to improve my latest (hard rejected) item and resbumit again ?

If your item has been Hard Rejected, it cannot be re-submitted without first making a significant number of changes.
The number of changes required to the design and features of the item, will mean it’s considered to be a completely new item and entirely distinguishable from the first upload.


Hey, alfisahr!

Some thing i noticed about your HTML template:

Check next-previous arrows in post slider, they need more attention, because they are not well aligned.
Overall sliding experience is not smooth.
Image qulity is not so good also… You should find good quality images in commercial free stocks.
Footer links coloring in twitter is not similar to overall design.
That’s not all issues, i think there are more if you search.

I recommend you to dump all your previous work and started new from the scratch.
From my experience i learned that creating new items is way faster than editing old rejected ones.

Good luck with your next design!
Patience and hard work will help you.