Resume project - what do you think?


We’re new on the GraphicRiver website, at the first shot we want to show You our CV project.
We need your feedback :slight_smile:

You can see more at: Our Product

Lion Themes Team!

Hey, congratulations! I really liked it. You’ve done a great work with this. The only thing I can think that would make a difference right now, is that you could maybe add more templates with a variation of colors, because it looks better in the presentation, and as a costumer I would like to see more options, even if the difference is only on the colors.

hi, i do not think that this is necessary, all items are meant to be edited and offering a choice to people is just helping them to potentially buy more easily … if many versions were required indeed, they would be demanded right from the beginning … in any case that cannot be a reason for a hard rejection

hi , this is clean a work indeed and i think that items that are not any better sometimes get approved when u did not and i fail to understand why … but nothing unusual with this reviewing system anyway …

i would personally improve it a bit if i were u with adding more space between the top black banner and the small text following. Otherwise i would try to find a way so that the inclination of the top banner does not make a bit strange when it cones to the spacing between the end of the banner and the end of the text that it contains indeed

but once again clean work, well done :slight_smile:

I never Said that it was “necessary”. I just point out that as a costumer I would like to see their project in different colors aswell. Now if you click on the link, you are gonna see that his project was not rejected. They just want ours opinions on their project, that is what I did. A great job without any doubts!

hmm sorry i did not get it , thought there was a rejection thing once again … have a nice day


Thank You for Your answers.

Yes of course, we will add more colors in near future.
It’s our first step in GR, but we’re looking at it positively :), We’ve done first turn :smiley:


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Please be sure to update us and let us know how it goes!

I submitted my first resume design to GR last month and it was rejected. I believe it is because it was too similar to existing designs. Yours has a bit of that goin on, too, so you may want to find a way to make it stand out more.

Here is the one I submitted. I decided to make a free download on my blog (it’s the picture at the bottom, purple-y):