resume needs feedback!

My last resume has rejected by graphics river. This is my second try. Is this resume fit for graphics river? Otherwise what should i develop?

This one is good in my opinion. I like that minimal look using right spacing. And the blue color is matching very well. I don’t have any GOD LEVEL knowledge on it. But I think this one will be approved. Good luck. :slight_smile:

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The bio copy at the top may work better as one column not two

The contact info feels a bit lost. Try placing it in a coloured block (not the same blue as below) with more padding above the the blue area

Some typography could do with attention eg the counter numbers to the left of the blue area

Not sure the interest icons help the premium direction of a resume template

Main query would be what this scales like once in Word (based on your file name that is what you intended this for?). It is a big preview image but once in Word, are certain areas not going to become quite squashed and hard to read Esp. Around the education part and things like the map

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hi for me the general style is a bit too busy indeed , there is undoubtedly an effort when it comes to originality but all seems very compact as such and this is “flattening” the originality that u put into this item … otherwise , for me , some block of texts actually look much like blocks indeed , especially in te footer, it lacks breathing according to me and me it would be welcome that u introduce more relief into these parts by varying used font and making font combinations a bit more. Then , sorry to say just this but the two block in the header look much more like visual pollution to me … i assume that , in my view , this is disturbing the sweeping of the eye with something that has no real impact indeed …
i guess also that if u could value a little bit more icons that would add a slightly more punchy touch to what u have here and catch a bit more people’s attention at the same time.
Finally beware of contrast issues, the text on the blue part would be better off if more contrasted from the background indeed

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