Restaurant Template Feedback

I wanna hear your thought.

The design is not done, i wanna add a blog, and some other features.
I want for this design to be “one page site”, but the blog should have it’s own page.


Images are not final.

you could do the contact part a as a restaurant menu

I was thinking contact part where the reservations to link, i put the address there. Not final thought

I only need to know if i have a change to get it approved under PSD and HTML restaurant sections.


You stated that the images are not final so I just leave the “Unfinished” comment out.

It is really clean & nice looking, you are on the right track, Just don’t lower your standards.

A creative & well executed HTML could really impact the sales you make from this design, keep this in mind :wink:

Thank you for the feedback.
You are a designer yourself and i checked your folio, you have creative designs.
I needed an answer from a good designer perspective.
Images are stock photos, not free, but i will buy them.

Thank you