My Restaurant PSD template

this is my theme im working in it tell me someone how is looking so faar
what to put or what to remove///////////////




Has some problems with spaces and sizes of typography, it is necessary to correct errors observation and otherwise will remain a basic design


sooo to have more space beetven or litle space ???

You have a good start, but there is still a lot to do. You have different titles in all areas , this is really annoying. You need to have a consistency ( ex: menu is written in italic, our team is different and you have contact written in another way , all in the same page. This is definitely a NO! ) Spacing is an issue, it must be the same between all the sections. You , also , need to work on you details so it won’t look sloppy. good luck

  • Typography is not bad on the reserve form but still needs work elsewhere especially the testimonials

  • spacing needs to be consistent

  • section widths jump about a lot and should be made to align in width better

  • more features .e.g different menus, about copy, recipe ideas, events, etc.

so in HOME PAGE to put
about us and recipes … and testmonials to change design ??

Sorry didn’t see the first link only saw the second post

unless the first one is like a one page version don’t duplicate content like chefs. If both pages are part of the same site then there’s no need to double up

You can get away with minified menus and then a more elaborate choice on another page but stuff like chefs or generic content would become repetitive

I saw a good restaurant file rejected recently for generic design. Take a look at recent ones for this category and explore how creative they are becoming to differentiate themselves

so in ABOUT PSD PAGE TO CHANGE SOME THING te delete Our team … yo leave just about us and any typography//

Drop it in home.jpg and keep it as a separate page (assuming you are creating a site with multiple pages).

this is HOME PAGE


and this is ABOUT



You don;t need the three chefs in the home page and the about page - it is a minor thing but all about attention to detail

ok bro i wil delete cheefs from ABOUT PAGE

thank you for help and thank you for your time…
it was very Hellpful

Unfortunately even once fixed the design is still too basic and lacks more premium features, layouts, etc.

ok bro i understand you

thank you i will try to fix errors…

It’s up to you - it’s your design.

What part do they pay in the site? They look (to me) like they are there just to add soemhting other sites don’t have? It is one thing to be unique but it has to be done the right way and anything you add to make it stand out needs to add value and be functional