I'd like to ask you for feedback about my PSD design

Hello there, Im actualy designing homepage for restaurant template, and I would like ask you for feedback. I’m aware there may be some spacing issues etc. , but right now I would like to know if its layout and aesthetics, is good enough, to build upon. If there is some issue, please let me know what parts and so on.

Thank you.

Hi @Matthew210, it’s hard to give feedback on your item, because it’s not finished. Based on what I see, I think you should make the design more interesting. There are many, many similar designs out there and you would have to differentiate if you want your item to be approved.
Apart from that there are indeed some issues - for example in the “About our restaurant” section the background heading (the grey one) is not readable. There is a missing icon in the “Our menu” section. And that is all really that could be said judging simply on one page.

It is way too generic. Cool if you offered it a as freebie somewhere, but not nearly enough to be sold as a premium PSD. Take a look at some recent bestsellers to see the required quality level you should aim at:

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Thank you for feedback, I appreciate it :heart: .
I will also try to improve my work according to your advices also.