Please Review My design ♥

Hello Talented peoples I need to review my design before development please give me feedback

this is Psd template
please give me feedback

The way you’ve separated words like SERVI CES AND CON TACT looks weird to me. “SERVI CES” is especially unreadable.

thanks for reply

it’s a problem?

up :heart: No comments? :confused:

  • no real logo, so it looks kind of unfinished
  • the icons are not suitable for the overall design
  • in the bottom, the contact form - input sizes are not outlined and it is confusing.
  • contact text has too much spacing between lines
  • the words spaced - Port Folio, Con Tact ??
  • the footer has no links,navigation … anything ?!
  • the image used in Port Folio - the suit is ok, but the head ? and what’s on the head ?