Request for Reimbursement

In February, 2017 I downloaded an upgrade to the Theme Blossom WordPress Candidate theme, and purchased six months of support.

However, despite much back and forth on the TB help forum, I have been unable to get the support I need to get the upgraded theme working on my website.

Attached is the correspondence I’ve had with the author regarding the difficulties I’ve encountered. As you can see, he has not responded to either of my previous emails, the last of which was sent on April 30, 2017.

Therefore I would like you to credit my account for Order #52869170, Invoice #IVIP6121828

Go here to create a refund request

Hi @arclement

Just want to point out that this is a community forum, we are users just like you.

For support with your account you can reach Envato Support at this link. However I would advise first opening a refund request using the link @AbnormAudio provided, and if the author declines it (or does not respond to it within 5 days), you can then contact Envato Support and explain the situation.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Here is the link to the ThemeBlossom Help ticket in which I tried to get support.

As things stand right now this theme is unusable, because its typographic options cannot be updated.

No one will be able to read your tickets which are private. Sharing them in public forums is also not he best decision.

@baileyherbert and @AbnormAudio have both provided the correct link for requesting refunds. Only support will be able to make a decision on this.

I have had the same problem. I have been trying to get support for TWO MOTHS. i will never buy from here again until they get some kind of phone support. A lot of the designers are effing useless. I even tried to pay for help.

It does not even matter to them if the product is glitchy crap.

I am on here looking for other ideas to get help on this. At a certain point, you need to give people their money back if you can not deliver reliable goods and services.

This is the downside of internet purchases and gives all of the other authors on this site a bad name when the company does not monitor quality at all and just kicks you back to the author time and time again…