Request and Supply script

Anyone able to help me… Im looking for a script or more preferably a Wordpress plugin that will:

Let someone register on my site
Create a request - eg Home Rental Requirements
Once Created, this will search the database for suppliers that has products or based in the area
Email all suppliers
Supplier can then login and send details of their product eg They have a house for rent that fits what requester is looking for.
If requester accepts the product, then a credit is removed from the suppliers account - they can top up their credits or purchase monthly subscriptions.

I dont know if this is something that is out there however I am hoping it is.

Similiar to this - only I am looking for Home Rentals / Sales

In a lot of ways, what you’ve outlined here is a job board site (even though it’s not necessarily ‘jobs’ that you’re trading). You might be able to find something looking through the list at:

if nothing there quite fits the bill, hit me up at chase [at] and we’ll see if we can set up a project to tweak something to your exact needs.