Looking for sourcing platform - similar functionality to a job board with a bit of CRM thrown in.

Hi all,

Looking for a theme or plug-in that will allow me to compare and rank supplier bids for product contracts.

I think it will be a lot like a job vacancy board - I publish “jobs” and suppliers create a profile and bid or “apply” for the contract.

It would also be great to add other entities like transport companies, so I can easily share contact details with them all. It doesn’t have to make bookings or do any accounting or make payments. Something simple and open-source would be great.

Any advice gratefully accepted - is there a plugin you know that is suitable? Or can I create all this with forms and databases? I don’t want to reinvent the wheel if there is a close-enough solution, and at present I don’t have a heap of budget. Perhaps after a few more deals I can commission a bespoke solution.

Thanks in advance!


That may require some customization to get everything you want. But here are some job plugins from CodeCanyon that may serve as a starting point:


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