Request a feature for Envato

Hello, I am having a hard time knowing what to build. I want to suggest some features that could be added to the Envato marketplace that will improve the customer and seller experience.

The first one is “Item Requests”: users can request and upvote items that they want to see in the market. This could help buyers and sellers. It can be easily implemented and it’s very useful.

Also, add a section where authors can see examples of approved and rejected items so that they can understand how the review process work. This could save time for authors and moderators.

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The first idea could be useful but the second would be counter-intuitive as it would almost certainly raise more comparisons and questions than it helps solve.

You only need to read these forums to understand that many authors simply do not get some of the basics and often than not providing feedback does not really help.


Hi, I hope second opinion not required. Because authors not required to see review process. After approval items automatically display in the portfolio section. Rejected items only quality reason. Once rejected everyone receive email rejected reason “quality issue”. Details rejected reason not possible to explain. Because Envato not personal tester or not training program. There is always Many quality items are under que… Note : Quality… Quality… Quality.