Is there any team assigned to check authors' projects before they submit for review?

It’s sometimes frustrating, having spent countless hours working on a project, then you finally submit, wait for a couple of days for it to get reviewed, only for it to be rejected.

If there’s a pre-emptive approach to avoid such head-aches, it will be nice to bring to light.

I’m also bringing this up because I do have a project I’d like to upload, but would also like a team member to review for errors, improvement suggestions, and ultimately to be able to tell me straight off whether it would be accepted or rejected if submitted for review.

What’s your take on this team?

Envato get thousand of submissions - a big % of which are rejected.

While your idea would be great it is completely impossible for the same reason that even within the regular review process no feedback is provided for hard rejected items.

  • It would take up too much time.

  • with respect it’s not envato’s job to teach people how to code/design/create.

  • what if envato give feedback and the author does not interpret it right? Would it need multiple “pre-review” stages? If the item was submitted and still rejected due to changes not being enough for example, then everyone’s time is wasted and would end to even more frustration.

I do sympathise with the frustration of being rejected but the existing system is actually very fair - if authors get close then they get feedback. If it’s too far off then feedback is almost certainly not helpful.