Envato should give us suggestions on what to create

No one likes to waste time. This is why envato should start a section for buyers and sellers to connect. Buyers can request items and sellers know what the buyers want so they build it. This will drive more sales for envato and creators can be spending their time working on something useful.

I don’t like the idea of me spending months on a script then submitting it to envato and then they reject it without saying the reason. This process is very frustrating.

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There’s a fine line between authors getting inspiration and then building bespoke/customer specific requests (they tried that with envato studio that is not closed).

Yes, it might be useful for envato to share trends and inspiration but the way stock marketplaces work defeats the object of more than that. For example:

  1. That is not a stock marketplace - it’s a freelance service site like many others out there.

  2. What works for 1 customer may have limited value to the wider marketplace which is a consideration for review on any stock website

  3. If it’s a project specific to a customer then envato couldn’t regulate the process and standards which is a recipe for disaster

  4. Just because a buyer asks for something doesn’t excuse the necessary standards of design and code etc. which is 90% of the time the cause of rejections over item type

Back that time at 2007/2009, they were actually giving the information what they needed/what they wanted but there wasn’t so much authors then.

You will get that experience after sometime if you keep working on the projects but the key is the unique design and features. No one is going to share their good ideas for the public - it would cause the same issue. After a month, everyone would be doing the same project and they will have to reject the items again - this time, they will have to draw a border somewhere to prevent similar items.