Repeating items ?

Dear community,

Lately I have noticed that almost exclusively slideshows with 3D parallax effect appear on the new videos site. I understand the selling aspect, but I would like to appeal to all authors with this post. We should take more time to create unique projects that stand out, which may be worth copying, but we should not let an identical idea be uploaded dozens of times from other authors on our platform. Dear VideoHive Team, I think it’s time to limit the countless copies. It is time to think more creatively and not to overload our plattform with stolen ideas.

Because changing the 3D transformation effect from rectangular to spherical and uploading that project again isn’t enough.

What do you think about this topic?
Thank’s again for your understanding.

// Leupsi

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I also think it’s cancerous to see 50 projects that are basically the same… BUT
On average the copies sell more than original projects.

You can have 10 different and unique projects with 2-3 sales, or 10 copies with 8-10 sales. Sales dictate trends, it just so happens that the current trend is lame ass clap openers and slideshows.

I really believe that unique and different projects actually HURT the sales of the marketplace. Customers usually have different taste than artists. The sad reality is that an average consumer doesn’t really care if you spend 2 months on an item, or 20 minutes. They just want something nice and trendy that gets the job done.

With that being said, most of my success comes from more unique items, that not many authors are technically capable of doing. All I really wanna say is that I understand why reviewers are approving so many items that are so similar, this is a business after all.

True. If you want to “protect” your idea, the best you can do is make it with complicated technique. And if someone try to steal your work by purchasing it and remixing some layers and effects, it will be very easy to prove theft and remove item from Envato. AE gives so many ways to put copyright note.