What's up with all the "minimal slideshows"? What are they for?

Some time ago I made a script for AE that shows weekly summary of “trending tags” on VideoHive.
And I couldn’t help but notice that “minimal”, “elegant” and “slideshow” are usually 18-25 week’s top selling projects.
Since there are about 50 items in weeks top sellers - about a half weekly sales are minimal slideshows or cleverly disguised minimal slideshows.

VideoHive buyers (and maybe authors), tell me, what are you usually use these projects for?
Why is there such a great demand that dozens of authors are basically reselling the same project over and over again?

I’m not trying to over-criticize these projects or insult authors who make them, I just don’t get it.
All these slideshow projects are pretty much the same, only things that differ are light leaks, font and sometimes parallax depth. Everything else follows the same “white line swipes” or “3d glass shapes” pattern.

When will Envato include minimal slideshows to “not needed” items along with lens flares and VideoHive will be creative again?

Few times a month some really cool and creative project appears on VH and immediately gets lost in tons of “elegant modern openers”.
There even are some authors whose portfolio is 100% these slideshows. Which look like duplicates of the same initial project, yet they pass review and all the “must be unique”-requirements.

I understand that it’s easier to make one-day slideshows than spend weeks on some new high-quality idea. That’s why people were overusing Plexus for few years and now nearly everyone’s sick of it.
Are you sick of elegant modern minimal stuff yet?

I’m not whining here, I just wonder, why such a great demand and will be glad to hear something from people creating that demand.


Authors will always follow trends and produce projects based on what’s currently popular and profitable. But you’re correct in your assumption that the marketplace is grossly oversaturated with these “Simple/Minimal Slideshows”, and thats why the review team is attempting to be as strict as possible when reviewing them.

It’s surprising enough to see how many are currently for sale, but you’d be even more shocked as to how many of these projects are actually rejected and never make it to the marketplace.

@fivepointseven Your post, i like it. Minimal design is so easy to pull off technically that even a complete beginner who is in his first month with after effects can create it, i think that’s what’s up with all these submissions.
And nobody likes to spend months on a project and get outsold by an opener created in a few days, so the urge to follow the trend is pretty strong.

WE MUST RESIST // BRING BACK REAL DESIGN ahhh :scream::scream::scream:


The truth is there is demand on this kind of projects. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have so many sales.
If demand will decrease - reviewers will be more strict. But i totally agree with @fivepointseven about this kind of “work”.

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Your post is so true fivepointseven…
I can’t understand either how those projects can get in the top selling page…the demand must be huge.

I am actually “fighting” with those guys to keep my project on that page…

The buyer already lost among the tons of similar projects