Remove and cancel the Payout!!

My payout account is outdated (not valid!) and I do not have a new one yet.
However, the payout is said to be made on December, 15th, which means my earnings will go up in smoke.
The payout has to be cancelled immediately and I want the earnings back on my Envato account.
Also I want to remove this Payout method for good!

I know about Envato Support and have contacted them, but they could not even read my message properly.
Thus, I do not want to have the earnings missing.

Thank you

Only Envato support can assist on this… if you can’t reach them that means you have a problem. You need to prove account ownership to them. Send a message via Envato Authors Help and Support to get in touch with Author Support.

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I mean, my message is read, but the content of it is misinterpreted (payment is not payout, by the way: they thought I wanted to change my billing account, which is nonsense).
And the response delay is up to 5 days. That means my earnings will just go missing if no action is taken. Why am I not able to remove the payout method by myself?

because envato has a auto payout systems based on each month earning. But you can change payout method and always should active one payout method for auto payout.

If you need any support related to account or payout you should get in touch with envato Author support. they will be happy to help.