Rejection reasons are simply false (in my opinion)

Hi everyone, I need your feedback on a rejected item. It’s a logo mockup creator pack:

The reviewer said that the file should be suited better in the Add-Ons category. In my opinion this absolutely wrong. Also I feel like this review was only based on the fact that there’s a photoshop .ATN file included in the zip. This action is just a tiny little part of the product and rather a helper action.
The main product itself (the mockup creator) is based on PSD files with Smart Objects in it, not on any actions or other Photoshop add-ons.
What do you guys think? Should it be in the mockup or the add-on category?

Uploading to Graphicriver seems to be more and more of a struggle. It feels like reviewers don’t really invest much time into looking at the actual product, not only the files. I’m almost at a point where I consider only uploading to Envato Elements and no longer to Graphicriver.
Losing over 60% of the generated income your items feels like author exploitation anyways…

Unfortunately Envato forcing this in all possible ways, if you can try to make this ATN file on other way it does not matter with Tools License or simply leave it and put in Add-Ons category and will not take US tax (if it affects you) because it is Tools License…