Rejection Reasons and Tips for the future

Hello Community,

my first 4 Tracks were rejected and the answer was the standart formulation (does not meet the standart etc).
Honestly i don’t know why and so i don’t know how to improve myself to get accepted.
Is it the composition, the production or mixing etc.
Also do you have experience with acceptance for piano only tracks? (easier, not wanted in general, etc)

I had big hopes for “Adas” (Orchestral Trailer Music) and Rising Spring (Piano and String).

Is it also possible that the Track gets rejected because of the title or the description?
I named it like “Adas (Orchestral Trailer Music)”.

I am very clueless at the moment und don’t know what to do, so i would be very grateful for any tips and help.

Thank you very much, i hope i don’t take to much time from you with my concerns.



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Take a look on this article hope it will be helpful for you.
AudioJungle rejection reason


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All the sounds that you used it seem a little bit “cheap”, are the standard sounds from you DAW ? They sound also a little bit “nasal”, imho.

Thank you for your response. I used hz piano, hz percussion, spitfire symphonic orchestra and some libraries from Komplete 11. Do you think there is too less realisms in it? I worked with the Dynamic, Expression etc Movements. Is it just the sound that sounds cheap or the placement, development etc ?
Again thank you for your comment, I appreciate it.

Now that Stardust has mentioned it, l’m hearing it too, e.g. the strings on Adas, sound like Yamaha Portasound stuff, maybe stacking them might help give a richer sound? The pianos seem like really clean waveforms, hence not nuanced, but maybe realistic pianos sound clunky like that too. Hard for me to tell a $500 piano from a $100,000 piano. I gave all the songs a “heart” anyway because i really liked them!

Ok, i don’t know but it doesn’t sound as good as some other similar music on Audiojungle, maybe try to listen similar music of the other authors and try to compare your sounds with those, this can help you to improve :slight_smile:

Deep thanks for your advice.
I will go more into stacking and comparing and hopefully one day it will have success.

Best wishes for your music career :slight_smile:

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